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Antwerp Smerle pigeons

Antwerp Smerle - Antwerpse Smierel-owl pigeons
Antwerp Smerle - Antwerpse Smierel

Antwerpse Smierel

The pigeon Antwerp Smerle pigeon – or also known by the names: Smerle Anversois, Antwerpener Smerle, Smerla d’Anversa, Антверпенская сова – is a variety that has been bred centuries ago in Belgium. In the latter half of the 19th century, especially in the region of Antwerp, a process of crossing between races turbit and the owl, which gave birth to the varieties Antwerp (which is different from the Show Antwerp, varieties of its own), and then be pigeon enhanced display in Germany. These varieties are grouped into types of owl pigeons. Antwerp Semerle posture stocky with a bit upright body position (characterizes the type of owl), accompanied by their feathers tie / jabot growing well in front of the neck. Short beak and enlarged at the base, as if fused with cere / meat of the nose, mouth lines clearly visible.

mövcen - tauben - antwerpener
Antwerpener Schmerle
pigeons cravate - smerle
Smerle Anversois

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