flanders smerle - owl pigeons
flanders smerle
Owl Pigeons

Flander Smerle ( Vlaanderse Smierel )

The Fancy pigeon Flander Smerle – or also called by the names: Smerle des Flandres, Flandrische Smerle, Smerla delle Fiandre, Фландрийская сова – is a variety that originated from Flanders (Belgium), but very limited information since when was developed, only an estimated since 1840 -an (although there was a note in the 1950s). Varieties which are classified into the Owl pigeons type, in the past maintained in agricultural areas. Classified as a good pilot, but it seems that this decade is devoted to the appearance. This variety is considered quite popular, especially in Ghent and its surroundings.

Smerle des Flandres - pigeons cravate - belgian pigeons
Smerle des Flandres
Smerla delle Fiandre
Smerla delle Fiandre
Flandrische Smerle - mövchen - tauben
Flandrische Smerle
owl pigeons - belgium pigeons

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