Colour Pigeons

Danish Suabian Pigeons ( Sølvsvabere )

danish saubbian Sølvsvabere

The Danish Suabian pigeons – also known by the names: Chardonneret Danois, Dänischer Stieglitz, Cardellino Danese, Датский сьюбиан – is a variety that originated from Swabia, Germany, which has been developed since 1840. Locally, commonly called “steiglitz” because complexion “gold finch” on the wings. The farmers in Germany itself has been trying to hue on this variety is “as clean as possible” or “color soft as milk”, and for this purpose, the varieties are classified into types Color is then crossed with Oriental Roller and other races, with the aim to get three dominant hue (morphs). This variety actually has a good ability to fly, but its development and then only for the sake of appearance. other name  – pheasant pigeons

Chardonneret Danois - color pigeons
Chardonneret Danois
danish pigeons - saubian - color fancy
danish saubian
danish colour pigeons
yellow danish suabian
pheasant pigeons

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