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French Mondain Pigeons ( Gros Mondain )

french mondain
white mondain

The French Mondain pigeons – also known by the names: Gros Mondain, Mondain, Mondano, Французский мондейн – are old varieties originating from Francis, which are thought to have begun to be cultivated in the 1600s (although in the United States itself is expected to enter The 1800s). Varieties belonging to this type of utility form pigeons were originally developed as broiler pigeons, obtained after crossing between Runt, Montauban, and Field Pigeon and Pouter races. In subsequent developments spawned two distinct forms, between French Mondain which developed in Francis with French Mondain produced in the United States, although some breeders believe that they are indeed different varieties. This variety was only officially registered in the permanent standard in 1931. This variety is virtually non-flying.

mondaine pigeons - red pigeons -Gros Mondain
red french mondaine -Gros Mondain
pigeons french
french mondain
french mondaine - tiger pigeons
tiger mondain
french pigeons - mondaine
yellow mondain

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