Wattle Pigeons

French Bagdad ( Französische Bagdette )

bagdad pigeons
french bagdad

The French Bagdad Pigeons- Bagadais Francais, Französische Bagdette, Bagadese Francese, Французский багдет – is a variety that originated from Francis, since the 1800s, then entered Germany in 1860. Pigeons belonging to this type Wattle pigeons, have the ability to fly Well, but in subsequent development seems more directed to be a dove display. In my opinion, this is a very beautiful looking pigeon.

Französische Bagdette tauben
Französische Bagdette
Französische Bagdette
pigeons Bagadais Francais
Bagadais Francais
wattle pigeons
french bagdad pigeons

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