Roller Pigeons Tumbler-Roller-Highflyer

Rakovnik Roller ( Rakovnicky Kotrlák )

roller pigeons
rakovnik roller

The Rakovnik Roller – also known by the names: Rouleur de Rakovnik, Rakonitzer Roller, Rotolatore in Rakovnik, Раковниковский Турман – are varieties originating from Czech / Czechoslovakia, but no information has been found since when it was developed (possibly in the 21st century) 19). Varieties belonging to the tumbler pigeons ( roller ) type are very popular and farmed in various regions of the Czech Republic, but rarely found in other countries. This variety in addition to having a graceful appearance, beautiful, is also very well known as a great aviator, fast, high and able to perform fantastic movements in the air.

Rakonitzer Rollertauben
Rakonitzer Roller
Rakovnicky Kotrlák
Rakovnicky Kotrlák
Rouleur de Rakovnik

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