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Ancient Tumbler Pigeons ( Altstämmer )

ancient tumbler
ancient tumbler black

The Ancient Tumbler – also known by the names: Culbutant Altstammer, Altstämmer, Античный турман – is a pigeon race that began to be bred since 1730 in Berlin, Germany, which may be brought or introduced from Asia Minor. These varieties are grouped into the Tumbler pigeons type. Small stature and looks dwarf, but always look graceful and not timid. His trademark is a crest-shaped feather that grows sticking up at the nape of the neck, and almost always has long hairs on the thigh or leg (muffed). The head is round, the beak is very short, the eyes are rounded and have a circular space, but the tail appears longer than the proportion of the body as a whole. There is no jabot or tufts of hair on the front of the neck. It is a very powerful pilot.

tümmler tauben
Altstämmer tauben
pigeons - tumbler
ancient tumbler pigeons
ancient rumbler pigeons
ancient tumbler

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