Highflyer Pigeons Tumbler-Roller-Highflyer

Danzig Highflyer ( Danziger Hochflieger )

Hochflieger tauben
Danziger Hochflieger

The Danzig Highflyer pigeons– also known by the names:Haut-volant de Danzig, Danziger Hochflieger, Altovolante di Danzica, Данцигский высоколетный – is a local decorative dye originating from Poland, especially developed in the City of Gdansk and its suburbs, since the early 1900s -an. The varieties grouped into this Tumbler ( highflyer) pigeons type were developed in addition to their beautiful appearance, as well as the amazing and stunning flying skills.

Haut-volant de Danzig
Danzig Highflyer
Danzig Highflyer
Hochflieger tauben
Danziger Hochflieger tauben
danzig highflier magpie
red pigeons - black pigeons kabootar
high flyer kabootar danzig
tiger danzig - tumbler
hochflieger polish pigeons
pigeon high flying danzig