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Hungarian darkstorked Highflyer

Hungarian highflyer
Hungarian darkstorked Highflyer

The Hungarian Highflying Dark-storked – also known by names: Magasröptű Magyar Deres Keringő, Haut-volant Hongrois Cigogne Foncé, Ungarischer Dunkelgestorchter Hochflieger, Высоколётный Венгерский Седой голубь (Дереш) – is a varieties originating from Budapest (Hungary) which began to be developed at the end of the 19th century, as a result of crossing with the Vienna and other races. In the beginning, the varieties belonging to this Tumbler (highflyer) pigeons type, in 1910, known as the Magyar Deres. Its development from the beginning was done to create varieties that have great flying ability.

highfluer pigeons
Hungarian darkstorked Highflyer

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