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Gumbinnen White-Head Tumbler ( Gumbinner Weißkopf )

Gumbinnen White-Head Tumbler
Gumbinnen White-Head Tumbler

The Gumbinnen Whitehead – also known by the names: Culbutant de Gumbinnen, Gumbinner Weißkopf, Capitombolante in Gumbinnen a Testa Bianca, Гамбин белогологыл – is a variety derived from the East Prussia region, especially in the regions of Pomerania and Gumbinen (Germany) , but no information has been found since when it was developed, only estimated in the 18th century. Varieties belonging to this type of Tumbler Pigeons, in addition developed for good flying ability, also because it is considered as a variety of good-looking varieties.

german tumbler pigeons
Gumbinnen White-Head Tumbler
Gumbinner Weißkopftümmler
Gumbinner Weißkopf

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