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fantail pigeons

The  Fantail pigeons – also known by the names: Queue de Paon, Pfautaube, Pavoncello, Павлин (англ. Стандарт) – are varieties whose original area is still predicted, including India, China, or the possibility of Spain, although some facts point more India as the real place of origin (but the EE justified it came from England). Varieties belonging to this type of Structure pigeons, in Europe itself has been known since the 1600s, and just gained recognition of European standards in 1889. Now, this variety has grown very advanced, even considered to have produced several subvarietas, including English Fantail, Indian Fantail, American (Standard) Fantail, Silky Fantail, and Thai Fantail. There are some breeders that place these subvarietas as their own varieties. In particular, Fantail is already very popular and kept only for display.

Queue de Paon Indien
pigeons Queue de Paon Indien
Queue de Paon
Queue de Paon

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