Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Bohemian Steller Cropper ( Český stavák )

Bohemian Cropper
Bohemian Steller Cropper

The Czech Steller Cropper – or also known by the names: Cesky Stavak, Boulant stavak, Böhmischer Stellerkröpfer, Gozzuto Steller Ceco, Чешский стеллер – are varieties derived from Czech (Czechoslovakia), but have not found information since when it was developed , only estimated from the beginning of the 19th century or earlier. Varieties belonging to this type Cropper pigeons, developed as one of the main Czech race, especially for the benefit of appearance.

Boulant Stavak
Böhmischer Stellerkröpfer
Böhmischer Stellerkröpfer
Český stavák
Český stavák

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