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Argovien White Tail ( Aargauer Weißschwanz )

Aargauer Weißschwanz

The Argovien Whitetail (Aargau Whitetail) – also known by the names: Argovien à Queue Blanche, Aargauer Weißschwanz, Argoviese a Coda Bianca, Бернский белохвостый – began bred since the mid-19th century, in Aargau, Switzerland (Switzerland) which is marked with a pointy crest and the tail is always white (as the name implies: whitetail), and has long feathers on the feet (muffed). This variety is included in type Color Pigeons. Actually this variety is one of the old races in Switzerland, which comes from a cross between Zurich Whitetail, Swiss Peak-crested and Saxon Whitetail. This variety is considered to be the only Swiss variety that is completely “muffed”.

Argovien à queue blanche