Colour Pigeons

Munsterland Field Pigeon ( Münsterländer Feldtaube )

Munsterland Field Pigeon

The  Munsterland Field Pigeon – also known by the names: Munsterois Biset, Münsterländer Feldtaube, Campagnolo di Muenster, Манстерландский полевой голубь – are varieties originating from Münster (Westphalia), Germany, known to have developed since the 1970s, as a result of cross-breeding from Field Pigeon, Carrier, and other races. Varieties belonging to this type of colour pigeons are informed of good flying ability, but its development is now more aimed at the beauty of appearance.

Biset Munsterois - pigeons
Biset Munsterois
Münsterländer Feldtaube