Ringbater Pigeons

Anatolian Ringbeater Pigeons

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anatolian ringbeater

Tepeli kanad cirpan

Anatolian Ringbeater Fancy Pigeons– also known by the names: Ringslager d’Anatolie, Anatolischer Ringschläger, Ringschläger dell’Anatolia, Анатолийский кольцебойный – are varieties originating from Trabzon areas (also in rural Kelkit, Erzincan and Erzurum), all in the Turkish region. Then these varieties spread to various countries, among others incorporated into Germany in 1981. These varieties are grouped into the TUMBLER type. In the area of ​​origin, these decorative pigeons are nurtured by farmers at farm sites for many years. One of the main characters of this variety is its flying ability and in performing acrobatics in the air.

Ringslager turkish pigeons
Anatolischer Ringschläger
ringbater - güvercin-fancy pigeons
Tepeli kanad cirpan

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