Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Moravian Magpie Cropper Pigeons

Moravsky volác Sedlaty

Moravsky volác Sedlaty

Morovian Magpie Cropper – also known by the names: Clean-legged Magpie Cropper, Boulant Pie de Moravie, Mährischer Elsterkröpfer, Moravský Voláč Sedlatý, Sedlatý Hrvoliak, – is a varietal originating from Moravia (Czech, Czechoslovakia), which has not been disclosed since when it was developed. Varieties belonging to the Cropper type, according to some records have been obscured by origins, especially in its determination as standard varieties, as quite a lot of development is done separately, including those done in Europe. In 1982, varieties developed in Czech, provide guidance as recognized standard varieties.

Magpie Cropper
Moravian Magpie Cropper
kröpfer - tauben
Mährischer Elsterkröpfer
Boulant Pie de - pigeons
Boulant Pie de Moravie

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