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Polish shortbeaked Magpie Tumbler

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Polish shortbeaked Magpie Tumbler

Sroczka polska krótkodzioba

Polish (Shorbeaked) Magpie – also known by the names: Pie Polonais à Bec Court, Polish Shortbeaked Magpie, Polnische Kurzschnabelige Elster, Польская Короткоклювая Сорочка – is a varietal originating from Poland, informed that has begun to develop since 1920-1940, especially in the cities of Lodz, Kalisz, Zdunska Wola, and Warsaw. Then, after 1945, the varieties belonging to the tumbler type are increasingly widespread in various Polish regions, including in Gdansk, Wloclawek, and Plock. Some records indicate that this variety is the result of cross-breeding of the race Bialystok, Koenigsberg, Masurian, and Reinaugen. But the structure and appearance as it is now recognized, was obtained after the 1980s. Although it can fly, fast and high, can even perform acrobatic acts in the air, but almost the entire development of this variety is intended for display quality.

கீழை சுழல் கரணப் புறா
Polnische kurzschnäbelige Elster
Pie Polonais á bec court
Sroczka polska krótkodzioba

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