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Masurian Tumbler Pigeons

Culbutant- polanois-pigeons
Culbutant de Mazurie

Wywrotek Mazursky

The Masurian Tumbler – also known by the names: Culbutant de Mazurie, Masurischer Werfer, Capitombolante della Masuria, Мазурского турман – is a Polish-derived variety, which began to be developed since the late 18th century, informed as the result of intermarriage between the Byalostok and Suwalki races. Peak development of this variety occurred in the 1980s. Varieties belonging to the Tumbler pigeons type are known to have good flying ability, although later more intended as a display pigeon.

Wywrotek Mazursky
Masurischer Werfer
Masurian Tumbler
Masurian Tumbler

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