Colour Pigeons Swiss Colour Pigeons

Saint Gallen Wing Pigeon

Ailes colorée de Saint Gall

Sankt Galler Flügeltaube

St. Gallen Wing Pigeon – also known by the names: Ailes Colorée de St Gall, St. Galler Flügeltaube, Colombo in San Gallo ad Ali Colorate, Сант-Галленский Летный Голубь – is a variety originating from St. Gallen (Switzerland), and also Germany, which was informed that it was introduced since 1970. Varieties classified into this color type, have been quite popular in their home countries, but have not been widely cultivated in various countries in Europe. This variety has good flight ability, but its development is more directed at improving the quality of appearance.

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Saint Gallen Wing Pigeon
Sankt Galler Flügeltaube

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