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Viennese Short-Faced Tumbler

tümmler tauben
Wiener Kurze

Wiener Kurze

Vienne Short-faced pigeon– or also known by the names: Culbutant de Vienne à Bec Court, Capitombolante Viennese a Becco Corto, Венский Короткоклювый Турман – is a variety that originates from Vienna (Austria), which is actually one ancient races, have been known since the 1800s, but only developed intensively in the early 19th century. Varieties that are grouped into this type of Tumbler, its existence is widely associated with the name Heinrich Zoralek, a breeder. This variety is actually quite popular, but it is informed that only a few breeders are interested in breeding it. Having good flying skills, and his appearance is also quite typical.

pigeons culbutant
Culbutant de Vienne à bec court
tumbler pigeons - white tumbler
Viennese Short-Faced Tumbler

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