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group name pigeons -owl
fancy pigeons breeds

It started with the pigeon breeding already in the fourth millennium BC in Egypt. Pigeons look very different depending on the breed: they can be white or brown, but also patterned. Some are really colorful or even have curly feathers.

Type of pigeons

1-Utility type ( formentauben germ.)

  • Giant Pigeons breeds
  • Homer pigeons
  • Flying form pigeons
  • Racing homers

2-Wattle pigeons ( warzentauben germ.)

  • Barb pigeons
  • Bagdad pigeons

3-Hen pigeons ( huhntauben germ.)

4-Pouter – cropper pigeons ( kröpfer germ.)

  • Pouter pigeons
  • Spanish cropper pigeons (buchon)

5-Colour pigeons ( farbentauben germ.)

6-Trumpeter pigeons ( trommeltauben germ.)

7-Structure pigeons ( structurtauben germ.)

  • Fantail pigeons
  • jacobin pigeons
  • Frillback pigeons

8-Owl pigeons ( Mövchen germ.)

9-Tumbler pigeons ( Tümmler germ.)

  • Tumbler pigeons
  • Roller pigeons
  • Highflyer pigeons
  • Tippler pigeons
  • Russian positümmler

10-Ringbater pigeons ( Ringschläger germ.)

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