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Rase romanesti | Standardul raselor de porumbei

The standard of pigeon breeds

Pigeons are very fond of pigeons and not only. Those who want to profit from the hobby they have, participate in exhibitions and competitions, must comply with the existing standard on the pigeon market they want to enter. Pigeon breeds differ from one another due to morphological and physiological attributes specific to each breed. An idealized summation of these characters is included in the standard. The standard is a model description of the type to be reached within a particular breed. wikipedia

Carunculat de Oradea
Castaniu de Craiova
Gulerat de Bihor
Jucator de Ardeal
Jucator Albastru de Cluj
Jucator Balan de Iasi
Jucator Baltat de Arad
Jucator Baltat de Bucuresti
Jucator Baltat de Ploiesti
Jucator Bimotat Ardelean
Jucator Capacit de Buzau
Jucator de Alexandria
Jucator de Botosani
Jucator de Braila
Jucator de Braila cu cioc scurt
Jucator de Braila Lung
Jucator de Bucovina
Jucator de Calarasi
Jucator de Caracal
Jucator de Constanta
Jucator de Galati
Jucator de Giurgiu
Jucator de Iasi
Jucator de Timisoara
Jucator Motat de Dobrogea
Jucator Nemotat de Satu Mare
Jucator Pag de Iasi
Jucator Pestrit-Baltat de Satu Mare
Jucator Roller de Cluj
Jucator Roller de Lugoj
Jucator Roller de Timisoara
Negru Cararat Romanesc
Negru Trenat de Bucuresti
Porumbel Mare de Calafat
Porumbel Motat de Ploiesti
Porumbel Urias de Salonta
Porumbei voiajori standard
Rotatul Rustic Dobrogean
Voiajor romanesc de frumusete
Zburator Argintiu Romanesc
Zburator Bragagiu Romanesc
Zburator Bujor Romanesc
Zburator Cafeniu Romanesc
Zburator Canepiu Romanesc
Zburator Ciung de Bucuresti
Zburator Ciung de Ploiesti
Zburator Codalb Romanesc
Zburator de Severin
Zburator Dungat (gagiu) Romanesc
Zburator Dungat de Arad
Zburator Gat Golas
Zburator Incaltat de Arad
Zburator Orbetean Romanesc
Zburator Pestrit de Arad
Zburator Rosu de Targoviste
Zburator Sfarcolat de Ploiesti
Zburator Strain Romanesc
Zburator Vargat Romanesc
Zburator Vioriu Romanesc
Zburator Visiniu Codalb Romanesc
Zburator Visiniu Romanesc

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