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Lithuanian posture pigeon

Lithuanian posture pigeon

Lietuvos figūrinis

Lithuanian poture tumbler – an old local breeds whose origins and ancestors are not clear. Various tricks on the issue of origin usually contradict each other, are not sufficiently substantiated or based on actual material. The long-used name “besarabas” is just one possible product of the history of origin interpretation.
Recently, it has spread throughout Lithuania, although more so in the districts of Suwalki, Dzūkija and Central Lithuania. Accepted in Poland and Ukraine.

Pigeons is a medium-sized (the smaller, the better), with a short ball-shaped waist, wide raised chest, short and fluffy legs, high above the wings, a broad tail, compact design and a vibrant temperament. During the excitement, he vigorously shakes his neck, shaking his entire body.

Lietuvos figūrinis
Positurtaube - tauben
Litauer Positurtaube


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