Spanish Pigeon Breeds

spanish pigeons

Razas de palomas

Pigeon the current breeds of domestic pigeons descend from the wild pigeon Columba Livia, through a long process of selection over the centuries, surpassing in more than 150 known and standardized breeds, remaining infinity of regional varieties and sub-varieties to be approved.


Borina (BBO)
Balearic Pouter(“Gavatxut”, BBP)
Canary Pouter (CAP)
Sevilian Colillano Pouter (COP)
Gaditano Pouter (also called “Isleño” and “Jerezano”, GAP)
Granadian Pouter (GRP)
Jaén Pouter (JIP)
Sevilian Thief Pouter (LSP)
Marchenero Pouter (MAP)
Marteño Pouter (MTP)
Moroncelo Pouter (MEP)
Nape Pigeon (“Quebrado Murciano”, MUP)
Spanish Owl Pouter (“Rafeño”, SOP)
Veleño Pouter (VEP)
Spanish Owl (“Xorrera” or “Colomd’Enreixat”, SOW)
Escampadissa Roller (BES)
Valencian Frill (VFI)
Flamenca Runt (“Colom d’Ull”, FLR)
Giant Mallorquina Runt (“Mallorquina de Casta Grossa”, BGR)
Balearic Homer (“Nas de Xot”, BHO)
Valencian New Pouter (VNP)
Strawberry Eye (“Ull de Maduixa”, STE)
Balearic Esbart Roller (“Pinta Balear” or “d´Esbart”, BER)
Fish Eye Roller (“Refilador” or “Ull de Peix”, REF)
Catalonian Tumbler (CAT)
Rumped Pouter (“Buchón Morrillero”, RRP)
Alteño Pouter (ALP)
Spanish Barb (“Flamenquilla”, FLA)
Catalan Bare or Naked-Neck Pigeon (“Coll Pelat”, NNP)

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