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The Runt Pigeons are one of the world’s oldest breeds of pigeons, among the largest pigeons, likely ancestors of which large pigeons from the region of Campania, south of Rome, were used as meat birds. Called the Romain giant for its impressive size and weight, the Roman pigeon appeared on the territory of modern Italy around 2000 BC. It is not known exactly under what conditions it was selected and which breeds were used for this.

The Romain pigeon, although of Italian origin, has become a full-fledged French breed of pigeon, which is immediately recognizable by its large-sized, red-circled eye. This pigeon belongs to the group of French shaped pigeons.

It reaches a length of 55 cm and a wingspan of 1.1 m. Adult male weighs up to 1300 g.

The Runt (Roman pigeon) is a large bird with a long massive beak and large feet; some sub-breeds have very long necks, some have very long wings and a long tail, and finally some have extremely short tails.

The Romain giant pigeons has long been an excellent breeding material and has been used to create new breeds. Although this breed was bred in ancient Rome, extensive breeding studies were conducted using Roman giants in France, where the English Blower and Old German pigeon breeds were bred. similar runt pigeons breeds american giant runt and rumbler

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