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East-Prussian Tumbler Pigeons ( Ostpreußischer Werfer )

yellow pigeons - tumbler
east prussian tumbler

The  East Prussian Tumbler – also known by the names: Culbutant de Prusse Orientale, Ostpreußischer Werfer, Capitombolante della Prussia Orientale, Восточнопрусский турман – are varieties originating from the eastern and western regions of Prussia (Germany), but no information has been found since Varieties belonging to this tumbler pigeons type began to be developed. This variety has actually been known for a long time, and is considered an ancient race, which has close ties to the Russian Tumbler. It is now commonly cultivated in other regions of Germany. Actually this pigeon has good flying ability, but now more intended for the benefit of appearance.

pigeons Culbutant
Culbutant de Prusse Orientale
tumbler muffed pigeons
East-Prussian Tumbler pigeons
Ostpreußischer Werfer
tumbler pigeons
prussian muffed crested tumbler
tumbler - tümmler
prussian tumbler