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The Damascene pigeons– or also known by the names: Damascener, Damasceno, Дамасский голубь – is a varietal originating from Damascus (Syria), developed over hundreds of years ago. Some breeders claim that it is difficult to know exactly where these pigeons are, because there are indications that this race has also long been maintained in Turkey or Iran (Persia) – even much evidence that this variety has been known since 3,000 years ago. The official announcement of the existence of this variety was nailed in 1667. The variety belonging to this type of utility form pigeons ( Npa usa syrian pigeons), is known to have excellent flying ability. via :



Damascane pigeon standard : Based on available information , these varieties are known to be of medium size, with a compact, strong, friendly but aggressive body proportion – almost flat. This variety has no crest or feathers on the feet. The colors of Damascener’s fleece are still limited to white, with blackish lurik (chequer) and a wing-line color (bar). Ring-foot size: 8.

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gołąb damasceński


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