Pouter-Cropper Pigeons

Hana Pouter ( Hanácky volác )

cropper - pouter - pigeons
hana pouter

The Hana Pouter pigeons – also known by names: Boulant de Hana, Hana Kröpfer, Gozzuto Hana, Хана – are varieties developed in the lowlands of Hana, in Moravia (Czech), and are known to have been developed since the early 1800s -an. Varieties belonging to this type of pouter-cropper pigeons are believed to be the result of cross-breeding between Moravian Strasser, Pomeranian Cropper, and English Cropper. Although it can fly quite well, but the practical development of this variety is only for the beauty of appearance. Many breeders and fanciers claim that this variety is the most elegant in the group.

Hanácky volác
Hanácky volác
pigeons de Boulant
Boulant de Hana
Kröpfer- tauben
Hana Kröpfer