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Thuringian White Bib ( Thüringer Weißlatz )

Thüringer farbentauben
Thüringer Weißlatz

The Thuringian White Bib – also known by the names: Thuringian White-breast, Pigeon à Bavette Blanche de Thuringe, Thüringer Weißlatz, Bavaglino Bianco di Turingia, Тюрингский Белогрудый – are varieties originating from Germany, particularly from the Thuringia region, but no information has been obtained since when it was developed (estimated in the 1900s or earlier). The variety classified into this type of color pigeons is well known and popular in its home country, it has also spread to many countries in Europe. Known to have good flying ability, but the aspect of appearance is more the attraction.

thuringian pigeons
Thuringian White Breast
Thuringian White Bib
Pigeon Thuringe
Pigeon à Bavette Blanche de Thuringe

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