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Swiss Self Pigeon ( Einfarbige Schweizertaube )

Einfarbige Schweizertaube
Einfarbige Schweizertaube

The Self suisse  Pigeon ( Swiss Self ) –  also known by the names: Einfarbige Schweizertaube, Suisse Unicolore, Швейцарский Сплошной Голубь – is a varietal originating from Switzerland (Switzerland), and belongs to one of the ancient races, informed that it has been developed since the beginning of the century to-19. Varieties classified under this type of color pigeons are popular in their home country, and in some other countries in Europe. This variety is known for its flying ability which is considered very impressive, although in appearance it seems very simple.

Pigeon Suisse
Pigeon Suisse unicolore

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