Owl Pigeons

Valencian Frill Pigeons ( Figurita de Sevilla )

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Valencian Frill

The Valencian Frill – also known by the names: Figurita Mövchen, Figurita, Валенсийская Cова-фигурита – is a varietal originating from Spain, but has not found a record since when it was developed (estimated in the 1900s or earlier). These varieties are grouped into Owl pigeons type is already very popular, and has spread widely in continental Europe, also in other continents. Have good flying skills, but the aspect of appearance is more of a concern to breeders and fanciers. This variety has a habit of lifting the head and chest, erect, impressed arrogant.

Cravaté Figurita
Figurita de Sevilla- palomas - birds
Figurita de Sevilla
Mövchen- tauben
Figurita Mövchen