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South Batschka Tumbler Pigeons

white dove - tumbler pigeons
Batschka Tumbler

Dél-Bacskai keringö

South Batschka pigeon – also known by the names: Culbutant de Sud-Batschka, Südbatschkaer Tümmler, Capitombolante della Batschka del Sud, Южнобатчский Турман – are varieties originating from Hungary, especially in the region of South Bácska, which began to be developed since 1900 (recognized in Hungarian permanent standards in 1930), but more intensive development was mostly done in the post-World War II years. Varieties belonging to this Tumbler type, expressed as the result of a cross from the Mako, Koenigsberg, and Szegedin races. This variety is already quite popular in the region of origin, known to have excellent flying skills, as well as a very beautiful appearance. other hungarian pigeon breeds | magyar galamb fajták

Dél-Bacskai keringö
Culbutant de Sud-Batschka
tümmler tauben
Südbatschkaer Tümmler