Ringbater Pigeons

Groninger Slenke Pigeons

ringbater pigeons
Groninger Slenke

Groninger Slenk Duiven

Groninger Slenke – also known by names: Slenke de Groningue, Slenke in Groninga, Гренингенский турман – is a varietal originating from Groningen (Netherlands), which is known to have been developed since the 1600s, although this pigeon itself is new entered in order of lists in the early 1900s. The varieties classified into this Ringbater pigeons type, at first glance look similar to Gelderland Slenke, but are still recognized as separate varieties. This variety has great flying ability, but in subsequent developments is considered more suitable as a display pigeon.

Groninger - duiven
Groninger Slenk
Slenke de Groningue

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