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Mallorca Giant Pigeon

Mallorca Riesentaube

Casta Grossa

Mallorca giant pigeon – or also known by the names: Geant Majorquin , Mallorca-Riesentaube, Gigante di Malorca, Мальоркский гигантский голубь – is a varietal originating from Mallorca (Majorca, the Balearic Islands) which is the territory of Spain, but no information has been found yet. since when it was developed (probably an old race). The variety belonging to this type of Utility pigeons was originally as a consumption pigeon, which was much maintained by the population. But in the next development, his attractive and unique appearance getting more attention.

It is a large pigeon, with a robust and horizontal body. Walk taking short steps and widening your body. The temperament is fiery in males, and very jealous of females. It is a rare flight bird, due to its size.

The plumage is abundant and fluffy, and the typical coloration of dark red hair, although the tail, the rowing feathers of the wings have a light ash color. The iris of the eye has an orange-red color on the outside and a yellow inner circle.

The weight of adult animals is more than 900 grams in males and more than 800 grams in females.

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Geant Majorquin