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Silesian Moorhead

Schlesischer Mohrenkopf

Silesian Moorhead  – or also known by the names: Tête de Maure de SilésieTesta di Moro in Slesia, Sliezskэ Farebnohlбvek, Силезский Черноголовый – is a variety originating from the Silesia region, which is Czech (but EE called Silesia which is a German region), and has not found information since when it began to be developed, it is only stated that the varieties classified as Color pigeons type are one of the ancient races. This variety is also stated to be quite popular in various countries in Europe. Having great flying skills, fast, and especially very skilled in avoiding predators. At first glance, it is very similar to the Silesian Colourhead. But most of the leading breeders believe that these two varieties have separate genealogies.

Schlesischer Mohrenkopf
kobutor picture – Tête de Maure de Silésie

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