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Rostock Tumbler Pigeons

Culbutant de Rostock

Rostocker Tümmler

Rostock Tumbler pigeons– or also known by the names: Culbutant de Rostock, Capitombolante in Rostock, Ростокский турман –The Rostock tumbler pigeons is an old breed of pigeon from the city of Rostock (Germany) . Originally related to the Danish and Hamburg flight pigeons breeds, it became extinct in the 1930s.

From 1959 onwards, some committed breeders were engaged in re-breeding the breed, giving it a new chance.

At the moment the breeding of the Rostock tumbler is on a rather small basis of less than 15 breeds. Nevertheless, the development of the Rostock bottlenose dolphins has followed a very positive trend in recent years.

Varieties belonging to this type of tumbler pigeons, are known for their good flight ability, although in terms of appearance they are also quite interesting.

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rostock tumbler
rostocker tümmler tauben