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Kaluga Tumbler Pigeons

tumbler pigeons
kaluga tumbler

Калужский Турман

Kaluga Tumbler – or also known by the names: Culbutant de Kalouga, Kalugaer Tümmler, Capitombolante in Kaluga, Kalujski CzernoPegije Turmani – are varieties from Russia (western part), especially developed in the city of Kaluga, starting from in the 1600s, although some records show that this variety actually originated in Moscow, especially when seen from its kinship with the Black Magpied Turmani race. Varieties belonging to the russian tumbler pigeons type are declared as powerful aviators, but their development is also intended to improve the quality of the display.

culbutant - black white
culbutant de kalouga
tümmler - rusian
Kalugaer Tümmler