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Blagoevgrad Crested Pigeons

bulgarian pigeons
Blagoevgrad Crested

Благоевградски шарен

This breed has been created for 10 years in Blagoevgrad and is based on pigeons brought from Turkey around 1990. under the name “Yamalia”. For their formation to date, several breeds of pigeons have been used, and they are: Pleven with hood and without hood (black, red, yellow and gray), and blood from “Budapest” was inserted to increase the size of the eye and improve the shape of the head. For now they are grown in Blagoevgrad, Kyustendil, Pernik and other parts.

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Distinctive features: In the group of medium breeds: Slightly clumsy pigeons, very good combination of the beak with the head and eyes, chest, head and tail. There is no significant difference between the two sexes. The breed is only hooded.

crested - bloevgrad
bulgarian pigeons