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Nas De XoT Spanish Pigeons

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nas de xot spanish pigeons

The nas of xot pigeons ;

Originally from the Balearic Islands, especially from the island of Mallorca. This fact led to the extinction of some of the breeds and in those that survived their breeding was reduced to certain more localized areas. In Mallorca it is also known by the name of “Colom Manacorí”, since it was almost exclusively bred in Manacor.

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Nas de xot, of raised appearance, upright bearing and stretched body; with apparent vigor and strength. The convex head and arched beak are the main characteristics of the breed and which give it its name, recalling the facial profile of a male sheep “Nas de Xot”. Medium-sized pigeon, weighing 350-400 g. The legs are proportionally high and slightly apart. The wings will be strong, well folded, with a silky plumage and close to the body.

The plumage is abundant, soft and well attached to the body. Breeders support all colors, but the most common are blue, with shades of ash or navy, fawn blue, honey, fawn red, beaked head, gray or gull, white tail black or ashy, etc.

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