Songkop Indonesian Pigeon

exotic soncop pigeons
Songkop Indonesian Pigeon

It is taken from the Eastern Javanese language songkop , songkok  head covering color, but there are also those who call it the tie dove, as the color pattern is obligatory to the end of the chest like a tie and affects its quality.

This local pigeon has a tail that goes up to the chest, stays white on the back of the neck and is also the same color as the head. Another feature is that it has a pointed pinch top. Although you can often find hairy legs, some actually have hairless feet. The first spread occurred in the East Java region, in the areas around Jember and around the getakan.

pigoens - endemic -exotic
Merpati Songkop Indonesia
indonesian pigeons - songkop
Songkop Pigeon

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