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Beloslatin Roller

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Beloslatin Roller pigeons

Белослатински преметач

The Beloslatin Roller is a medium sized pigeon that was bred mainly in the central part of northern Bulgaria, but has spread throughout the country in recent years. It is preferred by many pigeon breeders in the regions of Vratsa and Beloslatina and in many regions of the country.

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This is a gentle, relatively small dove. Very low legs, very short neck. The eyes are relatively large, delicate and have a clear white color. The beak is very short, waxy white. The wings are below the tail without dragging to the ground, and the slightly raised tail and short legs create a special grace of the dove.

We can admit that it is the Bulgarian race that plays by being thrown into the air, sadly it often ends tragically.

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Beloslatiner Roller
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Beloslatin Roller