Roller Pigeons Tumbler-Roller-Highflyer

Dynek (prishtine) Kosovo dunek

kosova dunek
kosova dunek pigeons

The rotating pigeons (dyneku) of Kosovo

Kosovo dunek ; There is a specific posture around the closed and elegant body shaft which from below gives the appearance of a rotating (circular) plate with a hole in the middle. There are many opinions and there are different theses as to where this fantastic pigeon came from. Some think that with the occupation of Albanian lands by the Turks they brought with them the Oriental Roller and that from this it was cultivated and standardized as a special breed by crossing it with indigenous pigeons of Kosovo.

The rotation is estimated according to the speed and length of the cylindrical circuit. They have a fast flight until they rise to the horizon of 150 to 500 meters and then stabilize the flight by making occasional body oscillations with long and elegant wings. source

dunek pigeons - PRISHTIN PIGEON
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pirisitne dunek - kosova
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