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Zenaida asiatica - american dove
Exotic Pigeons

Zenaida Doves

Zenaida doves is a genus of pigeon birds. 7 species are included in this genus. They occur in North and South America. The breed was described in...

bulgarian trumpeter
Trumpeter Pigeons

Palamar Pigeons

Паламарски гълъб Palamarski pigeon; It takes its name from the village of Palamartsa in the old Popovo district. Pigeon is also “Palamarski...

bagdad - wattle pigeons
Wattle Pigeons

Spanish Bagdad

It is known that it was created from hybrids of French Baghdad and Turkish bagdad pigeons ( kespir ) and that Bechstein (1795) was very prolific...

usa - meat pigeons - american - farming
Form Pigeons

Hubble Farming Pigeons

It is a pigeon breed that emerged in the 20s. They may have been crossed with the Kings, the Swiss Mondains and the giant homers. They were first...