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Antwerp Smerle - Antwerpse Smierel-owl pigeons
Owl Pigeons

Antwerp Smerle pigeons

Antwerpse Smierel The pigeon Antwerp Smerle pigeon – or also known by the names: Smerle Anversois, Antwerpener Smerle, Smerla d’Anversa...

Szolnok Bagdad - Szolnoki Bagdetta - wattle pigeons
Wattle Pigeons

Szolnok Bagdad Pigeon

Szolnoki Bagdetta The Fancy pigeon Szolnok Baghdad – also known by the names: Bagadais de Szolnok, Szolnoker Bagdette, Bagadese in Szolnok...

american giant homer breeders
Form Pigeons

American Giant Homer Pigeons

The Fancy pigeon American Giant Homer – in almost all countries use the same name, Viaggiatore Gigante Americano, Гигантский американский...

römer tauben - romain - runt pigeons
Form Pigeons

Runt pigeons ( Romain )

Romain The Runt Pigeons are one of the world’s oldest breeds of pigeons, among the largest pigeons, likely ancestors of which large pigeons...