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Coburg Lark - Coburger Lerche
Coburg Lark - Coburger Lerche

Coburger Lerche

New pigeon breeds Coburg Lark – also known by the names: Alouette de Cobourg, Coburger Lerche, Allodola di Coburgo, Кобургский жаворонок – are varieties derived from Saxe-Coburg (Upper Franconia, Germany) – also in Thuringia and Hesse – Is one of the ancient races of Germany, which became known since the 1830s. The history of the development of varieties belonging to this type of utility form is informed to have passed several crosses, among others with the Bagging Fields, which were then only one color. Recognized as a standard variety in 1907.

Coburger Lerche - formentauben
Coburger Lerche
Coburg Lark - pigeons
Coburg Lark
Alouette de Cobourg - form pigeons
Alouette de Cobourg


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