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Manisa Azman Pigeons

turkish pigeons - manisa azmanı
Manisa azmani

Manisa Azman pigeons are small size, short beaked, long legs, rose, originally crestless pigeons. The flight characteristic is straight, flocking pigeons that are devoted to their homes.

We can say that the crested ones of the Azmans were the previous step of the Ottoman Empire in the transportation of Hünkari ( Old Oriental Owl Pigeons ). However, they are considered Azman pigeons because they are not parallel.

Those who have fed these pigeons in the past indicate that the reason for Azman’s decline is the fact that Hünkari is in demand and that it has returned to Hünkariye as the main reason.

azman owl - hunkari
shield azman pigeons – oriental frill
turkish pigeons - owl
azman frill

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