Trumpeter Pigeons

Bayburt Trumpeter pigeons

trommletauben - bayburt
Bayburt Trumpeter

Bayburt Trumpeter ; or also known by the names : Turkish Whisperer, Stimmlos Tauben/Türkische Flüsterer – It is a whooper type pigeon breed. A ‘cousin’ of the Arabian Trumpeter with almost no voice (a very quiet whispering sound), a small Arabian Trumpeter-sized pigeon.

It is also called Double Kukul in Bayburt, Gümüşhane, Trabzon and Istanbul where it was raised. Bayburt has a unique, characteristic song. There are white, black, light or dark brown, red, gray and light red color variations.

güvercin - bayburt
Bayburt Trumpeter pigeons
trumpeter - turkish pigeons
Turkish Whisperer

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