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North-Caucasian Crack Tumbler

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north caucasian tumbler

North-Caucasian Crack Tumbler ; The origin of the species comes from Iran, so pigeons are often called Persian. The North caucasian tumbler is the oldest breed of pigeons. Today, North Caucasian enthusiasts are engaged in the restoration of flight qualities in species that have lost them.

Compared with the Persian pigeons, the North Caucasian pigeons underwent a number of changes: the barbed forelock was not formed, they moved away from it, the pigeons became a high and wide mane.

Similar breeds ;

They have a long body, intense bright colors, an angular head, light gray eyes, a white beak, and a short neck. Feathers on the legs of pigeons reach 12 – 15 cm. They live up to 20 years. They breed up to 10-12 years.

North caucasian tumbler ; as if climbing a pole and making 10 sharp somersaults. Flight time is up to 5 hours.

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