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The Fancy pigeon American Giant Homer – in almost all countries use the same name, Viaggiatore Gigante Americano, Гигантский американский Гомера (Russia) – is a descendant of a big pigeon from America, and began to be known in the Grand National Exhibition conducted by USA-National Pigeon Association in 1928. Pioneer early breeding, among others, Ed Blaine and Irv Goss (Kentucky), Stout Stanley (Indiana) and Carl Graefe (Oklahoma). In 1950-1960 carried crosses with French mondain to increase the size of the agency. These varieties are grouped into types Form pigeons. At first, this pigeon has only weigh 22-27 ounces, but now there are up to 2 pounds.

Giant Homers are relatively calm, feed their own young, and are average breeders as far as vitality goes. Although they have “Homer” in their name you won’t see these birds flying high in the sky… or even to the top of a two story house. They do like milling around on the ground and often you can simply herd these birds back into the coop.

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