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pigeon masakali
mindian fantail

Mindian Fantail

Mindian Fantail – commonly extended by the name: Mini Indian Fantail – is a variety that originated in the United States, which was known to have just been developed in the 20th century. This variety is classified as Structure type, informed of the results of crosses from the “fantail” group with other varieties. This variety is only accepted in the National Pigeon Association’s (American) standards. This variety is likely to fly, although it may be in a bad condition. Because the goal of the development is to create an attractive appearance, now this variety has been included in several exhibition events and gained recognition.

indische Pfautaube – Queue de Paon indien – indian Fantail

indian fantail pigeons
laka pigeons indian fantail


Ungarische Pfautaube – Queue de Paon Hongrois – Hungarian Fantail – Magyar Páva Galamb

wite dove - Magyar Páva Galamb
hungarian fantail – Magyar Páva Galamb


Belgium Fantail – Garden fantail variants

fantail pigeons
belgium fantail


Pfautaube – Queue de Paon – American Fantail

blue american fantail

Seldschuke – Seldjoukide – Seldschuk Pigeon – Selçuk güvercini

selcuk güvercin - sepet kuyruk
seldschuk – selcuk fantail

Silky fantail

mutasion fantail pigeons
silky fantail


Syrian fantail – karakand

syrian pigeons
syrian fantail


Garten Pfautaube – Queue de Paon anglais – English Garden Fantail

white garden fantail

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